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Copyright © 2002
EDR Electronics Pty Ltd
All Rights Reserved

 IZYCAL™ - 100

Loop Calibrator
Calibrator mA - Volt
  • Source and measure mA - Volt
    Two current ranges 20mA, 50mA.
    Four Voltage ranges 20mV to 20V.

  • Sink 20mA Function
    Simulate a loop power two wires transmitter.

  • Loop Power 20mA measure
    Power the loop and measure loop current.
  • Step Functions
    Five factory predefined functions.
    Five user defined time based in 25 steps functions.

  • Fast Charger built in
    A fast charger for easy use.

  • Isolated RS232 Interface
    via RS232 option cable



  • Two Only Input / Output Terminals

  • Isolated RS232 Interface Input

  • Built in Fast Charger

  • 4 Large Digits LCD display

  • Pure Green Adjustable Back light

  • Large Button

  • Up / Down Keys
    To set each digit individually

  • Enter Key
    For program and calibration use
  • Next Key
    To select next range or parameter
  • V / mA Key
    To select Volt or mA function
  • M / S Key
    To select Measure or source/sink mode
  • Run / Stop Key
    To Run and connect the IZYCAL-100
  • S Key
    To select Step function / To Save parameters
  • Exit Key
    For Step program use
  • ON / Off Key
    To Power On/Off (Also Auto shutdown)

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